5 Parts to Inspect at the Next Used Car Lot Dealer in Alabama


5 Parts to Inspect at the Next Used Car Lot Dealer in Alabama

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5 Parts to Inspect at the Next Used Car Lot Dealer in Alabama

5 Parts to Inspect at the Next Used Car Lot Dealer in Alabama

5 Things to Check at the Next Used Car Lot in Alabama

Are you in the process of buying a used vehicle but don’t want to spend high on maintenance? Here are 5 parts to inspect at the next used car lot.

It’s normal to be wary when you’re taking a trip to the used car lot. After all, you want the most value for your dollar, and you don’t have the comfort of knowing that you’re buying a flawless, brand-new car.

Used cars take a little bit more inspection to verify if they’re the right car for you, but this step is crucial. Without inspecting the car, you may wind up paying more in maintenance than you’d like.

What are the key parts to check when buying a used car? We’ve got 5 points you need to hit.

What to Inspect at the Used Car Lot:


It might go without saying that you want to check the car’s body when you get to the used car lot. However, we mean a little more than a cursory glance to make sure the paint job is still good.

Take your time going over each panel as you inspect for scratches, rust, dents, and other damage. Make sure the panels are aligned properly, or you’ll risk a car that’s been put together sloppily.

If you’re wary regarding the repair of dents, hold up a magnet to the area. If it doesn’t stick, it’s been filled with body filler.


As you’re inspecting the body, don’t forget the glass, such as the windows and front and back windshields. You don’t want a car that has broken glass, nor do you want any cracks in the glass. These will worsen over time.

Used cars sometimes have chips. These are fine, depending on the size – although they could get you an extra percentage off the price.


Of course, make sure all your lights are working. Headlights that are out can cost you a nice little fine if you’re pulled over, and the dealership should be taking care of that.

If you can’t see whether the lights are working yourself, or you don’t trust the salesperson, have a friend verify it for you.

Additionally, make sure that all the reflectors and lenses aren’t cracked or broken. You also want to look out for moisture and fog.


Think of a car’s tires like rings on tree trunks. They can tell you the entire story, despite what the salesperson may be telling you.

Be sure to check out the tires while you’re at the lot. Depending on how much mileage the car has, it may still have the original tires. If it has new tires and the mileage is low, be wary – the odometer may have been reset.

Tire wear should be even and the same on both sides of the car. You can also ask if the tires have been rotated on a regular schedule.


Don’t forget to take a peek on the inside of the car, specifically to check the pedals. Can you think of anything worse than getting off the lot and your accelerator or breaks aren’t functional?

Make sure that the rubber on the pedals is intact and show appropriate amounts of wear.

Find the Best Used Car

Inspecting your used car before purchasing it can be your saving grace, especially if you don’t want to go blindly off of what your salesperson is telling you. Remember: if anything feels off about the car, or you find a high number of issues, there’s no shame in walking.

Keep these points in mind and you’ll be driving off the lot with a reliable vehicle!

Questions about the buying process? Need help finding the best used car for you? Let us help!

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